Each job performed for the Bremerton Housing Authority will have a prevailing wage requirement. The prevailing wage rate that is required for each job will be defined by a wage determination that will be issued with the solicitation requesting bids or proposals from contractors.
  • The contractor must comply with the certified payroll requirements outlined in the project contract. The certified payroll must list employees working in each job classification exactly as the job classification is defined in the wage determination to ensure that there is no ambiguity during a certified payroll review by BHA or audit by the funding agency.
  • If an employee works in more than one job classification, the time worked in each classification must be documented separately and the appropriate wage and fringe benefit rates must be paid for each classification.
  • The contractor must ensure that the job classifications that will be used on the job are included in the wage determination provided in the solicitation or contract. If the job classification is not included in the wage determination, the contractor must request that the job classification be added by contacting the Bremerton Housing Authority in writing as soon as possible. The request for an additional job classification must be processed by the funding agency and can take some time to complete. Until the job classification is added to the wage determination, the exact wage and fringe amounts for that job classification are not definite. BHA will work with the contractor to determine the amount of wage and fringe to pay until the actual amount is approved, but the contractor may be required to pay restitution to the employee if the amount already paid is less than what is approved. If this is the case, BHA and the contractor will work together to ensure that the contractor is fairly compensated for this additional expense.



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