If a project is funded entirely with non-federal funds, then only state prevailing wage rates are required. This rarely happen with BHA projects, but it does occur occasionally. The applicable state prevailing wage requirements will be included in the solicitation for the project and will be finalized in the contract executed by the Bremerton Housing Authority and the contractor. The wage rates provided in the solicitation must be used when developing the proposed estimate for the work.

When determining whether the contractor pays any fringe benefits to third parties (needed to determine what amount the employee will be paid per hour for both wage and fringe benefits), the following is how the State defines "usual (fringe) benefits" in RCW 39.12.010, WAC 296-127-014, and WAC 296-127-01410:

The prevailing rate of wage also includes usual benefits. Usual benefits include medical insurance, pensions, approved apprenticeship training programs, and vacation and holiday pay. Deductions from workers paychecks are not usual benefits. Usual benefits are employer paid. Benefits that are required by law (industrial insurance, Social Security, etc.) do not qualify as usual benefits. Employers must pay a wage and usual benefits package that adds up to the prevailing rate of wage. Employers are not required to provide usual or fringe benefits and, if they do not, the total prevailing wage rate must be paid as an hourly rate.


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