HUD Routine or Non-Routine Wage Rates apply to any BHA project that is federally funded but not covered by the Davis Bacon Act. HUD wage rates are changed periodically - primarily when a new collective bargaining agreement is reached between the Bremerton Housing Authority and the Teamsters Union. Contractors will be notified by BHA when the wage rates change.

HUD defines work as either routine or non-routine.

  • Routine work is what happens on a regular and frequent basis. Maintenance staff and janitorial staff fall in this category.

  • Non-routine work occurs less frequently and is not necessarily scheduled. This would include electrical or roofing work - or any other work performed by a classification in that wage determination. There are inspections and service work that are performed annually by licensed contractors (HVAC, elevator, etc.). Although these inspections and services routinely occur each year, they are subject to the non-routine maintenance wage rates because of the required qualifications of the contractor performing the work.

  • The Bremerton Housing Authority will define which wage rate is to be used when issuing the solicitation for the work.

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