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Bremerton Housing Authority
600 Park Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98337

Main Number:
(360) 479-3694

Lobby Hours:
8:30am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)

About The Bremerton Housing Authority

The Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) is a public corporation with the purpose of providing affordable housing opportunities for people with limited financial means. Our primary service area is the City of Bremerton, but we also administer the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program throughout Kitsap and Mason counties. In Bremerton, BHA provides affordable housing opportunities at the following developments: Tara Heights, Winfield, Shadow Creek, Tamarack, The Firs, Bay Vista South, Bay Vista West, The Summit, and Bay Vista Commons. The latter project, Bay Vista Commons, provides affordable assisted living.

BHA has been actively creating a new neighborhood in Bremerton, Bay Vista, on the site of the former Westpark public housing project. This new pedestrian-friendly development includes a mix of housing types (multi-family rental housing and single-family owner-occupied homes), commercial uses (WinCo Foods), walking trial, parks, and other public open space.

Outside of Bremerton, BHA provides a range of management services that are built upon our core expertise as administrators of housing programs that benefit low income individuals and families. We currently provide contract services through our Contract Management Services (CMS) division in the states of Washington, Utah, Nebraska, and Hawaii.

BHA’s primary sources of funding include contracts with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and rents from the properties we own in Bremerton. BHA is neither a federal agency nor a department of the City of Bremerton. We are not carried under the city budget nor do we receive funding from the City of Bremerton.


BHA envisions a future where everyone has the opportunity for a home that is safe and affordable; people are treated with respect regardless of their income level or background; and a person’s income level cannot be identified by the neighborhood in which they live.

Mission Statement

BHA provides high quality, stable and sustainable housing and related services to people who have limited financial means.  Our work is to help our clients become economically self sufficient and at the same time strengthen communities.  We will use our public and private resources efficiently and effectively.

BHA Statement of Values